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Putting light poles to work!

Street pole banners (or light pole banners) are an affordable and effective outdoor advertising medium, used by municipalities, downtown associations, schools and universities, events centers, churches and retailers across the country. With vinyl banners being relatively inexpensive, renewing the message is easy to do. Unfortunately, switching out the banners next to a busy street or high up on a light pole traditionally requires a bucket utility truck and a crew to position the truck, raise the bucket and safely divert traffic. Because of these high change out costs, many banner advertising opportunities go to waste.

Despite this, some savvy cities and organizations are having success by turning their street pole banners into revenue-generating advertising real estate.

At Iowa State University, through the Office of University Marketing, banner space rental fees of $400 are charged for two to four weeks of pole use.  Using inside graphics skills, the university also offers full design services as well to its customers.

The City of Austin, Texas, also generates revenue from its street light poles by offering 2-week contracts for $250. The banner itself is not covered in these fees, they include the permit and installation costs of one banner.

EZBannerz was developed to allow safe banner removal and installation from the ground, reducing installation and removal costs by up to 80%. This innovation creates a realistic long-term revenue source by making the changing of banners safer, easier and much faster than by traditional means.

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Gas street light pole

How did light pole banners take over US cities?

From gas powered downtown staples to solar powered beacons, light poles have been a part of city life and transportation for more than a century. It didn’t take long for some to monetize street poles given their proximity to street and their public visibility. Today, it is difficult to go to any sports venue or downtown area without seeing light pole banners right along with them. Check out this history of street pole banners and how they have evolved in today’s society.

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Professional Design Advice for Vinyl Banner Ads

Ever wonder what colors are best to use for a vinyl pole banner? And what size and color of font is best to use? Should the placement of the banner be considered in the banner design process? Explore many aspects of banner design and see what the experts have to say.

Sustainable Pole Banner Solutions

In addition to being user friendly and durable, EZBannerz assists your efforts in going green by eliminating traffic snarls and emissions from heavy equipment like lifts and bucket trucks. See the impact in this EPA report detailing emissions for average use of heavy trucks. EPA Report

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Banner Hardware System

Importance of Small Business Signage

Exterior signage can be a critical piece of the marketing mix for a business. As people gain a familiarity with your brand, they are more likely to purchase from you. Signage can be very cost effective and impactful way to get the message out about your product or service.

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Traditional advertising making a comeback?

Are digital ads coming to an end? Anyone with a social media account knows that digital advertising is going strong, however this Wharton School article looks at the possible decline in digital advertising and trends in consumer behavior are shaping the future of advertising. As the digital climate evolves and changes over time, traditional advertising remains an important factor in the marketing mix.

Read the full Wharton article here:

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Retail Signage Best Practices

Signage has been a critical part of the success of retail merchandisers for years and years. Part of a mix of messaging and promotion, retailers have learned a thing or 2 about the best ways to utilize both interior and exterior signage to increase the visibility of their brand/products. This article on signage best practices explores the advantages of indoor and outdoor signage with some helpful tips on design, placement and format to sharpen your signage strategy!

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EZBannerz Assists with Event Promotion!

Whether it is the fall festival, school fundraiser or local event, using street pole banners can be a major addition to your campaign promotional strategy. Check out this article on 15 ways to market your event that covers everything from social media to corporate sponsorship to maximize the exposure for your next event!

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Setting up the I/R Tool

Preparation is key when using EZBannerz street pole hardware to easily change out banners. In order to get the most out of the Installation and Removal (I/R) tool, there are a few steps to follow to make change outs go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. From using the I/R tool safely to orientating the banners correctly, this helpful video show the user exactly how to properly install and remove banners using the EZBannerz hardware system.

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EZBannerz banner hardware system

5 Ways to Increase Hometown Pride with Street Pole Banners

From festivals to holiday celebrations, street light pole banners have been used to highlight local activities for decades. Not only do these banners increase awareness, but they can enhance the appearance of the utility or light poles they adorn. For years these banners could only be changed using bucket trucks and ladders, making the change out of banners costly and dangerous and creating the need for a safer and easier way to change pole banners.

EZBannerz can be changed from the ground safely by one person in only minutes. Eliminating the bucket trucks reduces change out costs, employee injury risk and unnecessary and harmful heavy equipment emissions. Being able to safely and easily change banners without any special training provides vastly increased control and flexibility for advertising and public relation campaigns.

Having greater control over the change out of banners provides many opportunities to increase hometown pride including:

  1. Holiday Wishes – Move seamlessly from holiday to holiday showing your timely and festive message of community and celebration.
  2. School Spirit – Sports teams, teacher appreciation, academic success, art projects, fundraisers and philanthropy, our schools have a lot to talk about!
  3. Downtown Vibe – Communicate a consistent and supportive message of downtown businesses for visitors and locals alike.
  4. Reinforce the Message – Use banner ads to drive adoption of a new program or service. Keep the message fresh and relevant by rotating banners detailing unique benefits for residents and the community.
  5. Band Together – Run a series of banners branded by the city or downtown association that can each be individually sponsored by a local business, aligning them with the community and creating a profit center for the city, downtown association, high school, etc…


EZBannerz can assist your efforts to be more timely, engaged and inclusive in your outdoor public relations strategy while keeping banners and messages fresh, new and engaging for residents and visitors alike. Contact us today to learn more!     

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